Weekend Visitors

This weekend the House Party Clubhouse was host to our dear friends Mike the Dick and his wifey Blondie. Blondie is sitting on the nest right now and is about 2 weeks from her due date. It is unnerving to have a mom-to-be in the house seeing that we have never had a child (not for lack of trying I might add) but just having someone so near to her “travails” makes you think that any minute now there will be water everywhere and contractions… you get the idea. However Blondie is in such good health and is so active apart from the baby bump you’d never know she was preggers. Mike the Dick is such a good hubby looking after her so carefully. What a great dad he’ll be.

Mr. B took Blondie to the beach yesterday to broil in the sun while Mike and I met up with The Contessa and went to an event in Sandwich. More about that later.

We then went to Mattachese (pronounced Matta-Keese) Wharf in Barnstable for dinner and had a terrific time. We don’t go out a lot on summer Saturday nights here on the Cape because everything is just so crowded. We tried to go to Sesuit Harbor Cafe for their fabulous lobster rolls but they were closed for a function. We decided to drive to Mattachese instead. Not a long wait at all and there was “entertainment” in the form of a chanteuse and a keyboardist in the lounge.

I won’t bore you with all of the dishes sampled but I will say that my calamari appetizer was perfect… just enough cherry peppers and the calamari were quite tender. I had crispy sole with capers and beurre noisette for an entree and that was great too. The new chef there is Eddie Woelfle who is someone I have known since before I came to the Cape and he was right on his game. Terrific dinner.

Mike and Blondie left this morning after a quick breakfast at Grumpy’s in Dennis and we came back to the Clubhouse. I am quite ready for a nap now. You know how it is with guests in the house.

They promised to give us a call as soon as the travails begin so we will keep you updated on that.

Thanks for coming kids!

Mr. B & Mike the Dick at Grumpy’s

Mr. B & Blondie

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