Jenny Craig Diet Update, Week 8

This week was a little difficult on the diet. Thursday night I went beserk and forced Mr. B to take me to JT’s Restaurant in Brewster for Fish and Chips. I had the worst craving for that. They do make a nice order of Fish and Chips there. The chef there is a fellow name Auguste (I don’t remember his last name), with whom I worked at Ocean Edge these many summers ago. He is from Haiti and is a remarkably clever cook. He is also a body builder so not only can he whip up a tasty meal but he is quite easy on the eyes too! A potent combination!

Also this week, on Sunday, we took the plunge and went to the new place I wrote about last week called Hanger B (see my review here at Yelp). So… twice out to dinner this week for food that is definitely not supposed to be eaten on this diet. I did however, lose 1 pound this week so I suppose no real harm was done. It’ll just take me a little longer to get to my goal. 

That’s all for this week. Check back in two weeks (that’s right, next Monday is Memorial Day and I am taking a day off from Jenny’s regimen) for the next update!

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