And those Republican clowns in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi want the moratorium on deep water drilling to be lifted…

Those oily scumbag Republican politicians want the government’s moratorium on new drilling and exploratory wells lifted so that big oil can get back to what they do best. Lining the pockets of their stooges in government. We’re talking about 33 exploratory wells here folks. There are currently 3,600 wells pumping away in the Gulf of Mexico now. We don’t know what happened at the Deepwater site nor do they know how to stop the leak, yet the creeps down there want the leases freed up and the exploratory wells to start drilling again.

In the meantime, it is RAINING OIL in New Orleans! Yes… raining oil! It seems that the chemical dispersants that BP is spraying on the spill is doing it’s job. It’s dispersing the oil into the atmosphere. Just when you thought this mess couldn’t get any worse…


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