I just gasped at work!

I have lived on Cape Cod for the last 21 years. It wasn’t until I moved here that I really appreciated the seaside, probably because I am not much of a sunbather. Plus I really don’t like swimming in the ocean. I prefer a nice chlorinated pool. However there is no substitute for the lovely views near the ocean. Often I find myself thanking fortune for having placed me here at this time. 
When I came back from lunch today I logged into my computer and what popped up on the Huntington Post’s front page but the horrifying photo below. All I could think of was how I would feel if this happened here. For me it makes the question of whether or not to build offshore wind farms in Nantucket Sound a no brainer. Would I rather have a few windmills (which by the way hundreds of which dotted the landscape of Cape Cod not so long ago) or offshore drilling which could end up doing this to our shoreline?
I feel so bad for those folks in the Gulf.

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