Reposted for emphasis!

For the record:

I use an advertising banner program from Google Ads to populate the ads on my web page. It is easy to use and it has generated a very small yet viable revenue stream from my site. Google’s web “spiders” crawl my page and grab key words from the site and then match ads to the site content. It works pretty well sometimes. Today is not one of the days I am happy with Google ads.

Why you ask? I was posting the pizza diet post and looking at the preview of the post when I noticed something horrible… something so anathema to me that I had to fire off this post immediately. There was an ad for Rep. Jeff Perry, R-Sandwich, MA, and his bid for US Congress to replace Rep. Will Delahunt!

Let me say unequivocally that neither Frenchy’s House Party, nor Frenchy, nor any of his contributors endorses Rep. Perry for that position or believes that he would be an appropriate candidate for any public office considering what he has done (according to the public records).

I just wanted to set the record straight.

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