And now for a message about the TSA

Did you know…
  • According to GAO, TSA inspectors spend 33% of their time inspecting, 8% on incidents, 5% investigating, 5% on “outreach”, and 49% of their time on “other.” Other?
  • 10% of usable TSA equipment (worth millions) in transit is stored for 2 years or more due to poor logistical processes.
  • During the first 3 months of 2007, the TSA Logistics Center received eight explosive detection systems units at a cost of about $7 million.  As of January 2009, all eight explosive detection systems units remained in storage at the Logistics Center.
  • In December of 2009 TSA leaked a full copy of its 2008 S.O.P., screening protocol, and other security standards onto the internet.
  • In June 2007, investigators testing the TSA checkpoint screening process were able to smuggle prohibited items past security despite passing through secondary screening and pat-downs.
  • TSA has not deployed any of the 10 technologies it has created since 2002.
  • 50% of part-time TSA screeners quit their job in 2006.
  • 20% of part-time screeners left their job in 2008.
  • From 2002 to 2007, roughly 67,000 TSA employees quit or were fired from their jobs. There are roughly 44,000 screeners in the workforce.
  • In the period 2002-2006, TSA screeners lost 3674 badges and uniforms.
  • In 2005 TSA lost a portable hard drive, with data that contained social security numbers, bank data, and payroll for over 100,000 employees.

 Feel safer yet?


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