Twice-Married, Twice-Divorced Governor of Hawai’i Vetoes Civil Unions Bill

Calling it “marriage by another name” Hawai’i governor  (and full-time “see you next Tuesday”) Linda Lingle announced she will veto civil unions legislation (that’s right… civil unions… not marriage) passed by both houses of the Legislature of Hawai’i. Obviously the twice-married, twice-divorced Lingle is so concerned about the sanctity of marriage (theoretically at least) that she cannot bring herself to let the will of the Legislature and the people of Hawai’i pass her desk. 
This is why, people, we need to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. The knuckle-draggers of this country want to make this country a theocracy with their own brand of Christianist worldview. The rest of us, Buddhists, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Wiccans, atheists and agnostics can just leave America, I guess.

(Is my gaydar not working right or is that woman a big old Lesbian?)

4 thoughts on “Twice-Married, Twice-Divorced Governor of Hawai’i Vetoes Civil Unions Bill

  1. Funny how gays want to shove their rights down heterosexuals' throats, but don't reciprocate with the same concerns for OTHERS RIGHTS!!!!

    SO TYPICAL of criminal pathology!

  2. Nice site.

    Hate much?

    For a minute, I though this was some red-neck, racist, hate-monger site, with all the angry, poison-spewing commenters.

    Just saying.

    Good luck with that.

  3. Hate much?!?

    Do I hate people who are hypocrites? No but I think they should get their own lives in order before they tell me how to live mine. Do I hate people who think that they are more entitled to the full benefits of equal rights under the Constitution than I? No, but I vehemently disagree with their fundamental lack of fairness and understanding of “all men are created equal”.

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