Let the social swirl begin!

From Thanksgiving to January 2nd, our lives become one big dash from one social engagement to another. And how many of us just wish that we could hide in our homes and pull the blankets over our heads and cry “Enough!!”?

Well perhaps that is too harsh. I suppose I should be grateful that I can get around and have friends that throw events around the holidays but when you have two or three events a weekend and a couple during the week I think that one needs to do a little paring down. 

So without any further ado may I say “Thanks for the invitation. I accept.” However, if the day of the event comes and I suddenly come down with “the grippe” let me also say “I heard the party was fabulous and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there.”

Whew! I think this completes my social obligations for the season. That was easier than expected. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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