Absolutely delicious dinner at Castello Pomodori

The Contessa di Pomodori had us over for dinner at her riverfront villa. We have lately been talking about a dish that Lidia Bastianich made on her show called Socca. It is a casserole of beef (blade steak), potatoes, savoy cabbage and it is braised with wine and a pestata of rosemary garlic and sage. Then it is topped with shredded fontina and baked until it is bubbling and brown. It was accompanied by a salad of blood oranges, oranges hard cooked eggs cured olives and drizzled with olive oil. I must say that this was one of the finest meals I have had at Sally’s place. The casserole is really easy to make (with no diminution of the Contessa’s skills just for the record), but is a very hearty and comforting food. The recipe is here. Give it a look below and try the recipe yourself. Yum!!

Just for the record: We had a Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert but I overbeat my meringue and it looked (not tasted mind you) a little grainy so I didn’t photograph it for this piece. 

Fresh from the oven and golden brown.

An unusual and delicious salad.

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