Bubble and Squeak

As I said in an earlier post the dinner we had on St Patrick’s Day at The Club was enormous. I decided to make an English dish called Bubble and Squeak from the leftovers.

Here’s the process:

Here’s the box of leftovers. Not really a pretty sight but there’s treasure in this cardboard!
Start by chopping everything up into small pieces. This is going to be very similar to hash so you want to cut everything into roughly 1/4-inch dice.
I always chop the meat separately. Not required but I do it that way anyway.
Melt some butter over medium-high heat in a large frying pan, preferably non-stick.
Throw in one medium chopped onion and cook until starting to brown.
Throw in the chopped veggies and cook for five minutes stirring occasionally. The idea here is to start the veggies heating up so that the meat won’t be too overcooked at the end.
Once the veggies have started to take on a little color move onto the meat.
Add the chopped cook meat and toss with the veggies. Your heat should still be at medium-high.
Keep sauteing and stirring (or if you’re good at it, flip using the pan handle) until it starts to get a good brown.
You’ll want to give it a while to cook as it (to me) needs a good browning on it to really develop a deep, delicious flavor. Serve it with a poached egg on top or just as it is with a green vegetable on the side. And now that ugly box of leftovers is a delicious treat that you will want to make with any leftover potatoes, veggies and cooked meat. 


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