Now, I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately so I haven’t been giving up any of my personal opinions on so many topics, but I have to say something about this. My emphasis:

Arkansas High School Appoints Co-Valedictorian Because Top Student Was African American

A high school student in Arkansas was blocked from receiving sole valedictorian honors this summer, despite earning the highest G.P.A. in her class and receiving only a single B in her four years at McGehee Secondary School. Kymberly Wimberly’s offense? She’s black. School administrators worried that Wimberly’s accomplishment would result in a “big mess” at the majority-white school, so Principal Darrell Thompson told the student’s mother “that he decided to name a white student as co-valedictorian,” even though the white student had a lower G.P.A. The matter is currently pending in federal court.
I am so friggin’ sick of the disgusting way that the a$$h@les in places like Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. (you figure out what I am driving at) treat people of color and other minorities. Here is a girl who killed herself studying, paying attention and working hard to get ahead and it is all for nothing because some cracker feels that giving the valedictorian designation to a black girl in Arkansas might make some racist bigot unhappy. Is there anyone out there who wonders why people in other countries have such an hideously ugly picture of Americans when they see something like this. I am deeply appalled by this. So should you be too. 
Unfortunately it is too late for this girl to receive the honor she so richly deserves because this is now before the Federal courts and hopefully there will be enough people of honor and dignity on the bench to give this girl what she should receive… the balls of the school’s administrators on a platter full of cash.  
The people of Arkansas should be ashamed of themselves… all of them!

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