In Praise of Portraiture

Forgive me for reposting this but I think you’ll find it amusing… Frenchy

Ah… the studio portrait.

Yours truly

Do these shoulder pads make me look gigantic?

What are you doing back there?

Ronald (he’s the pink one)

Some old queen and her cats

It’s Alive!!!

Now a pole dancer in Biloxi

Operates an antique shop in Key West

Biggest hair at the dance (him)

Remember those kooky “Glamour Shots” places that sprung up some years ago. Francois will not post the one that his sister did, unless there is a popular outcry…

Now the 4th richest man in the world

Male or female? Not that it matters much to a priest

He had his portrait done topless??!!?? Bold move (not)

Note the blue tips on her hair match the dye job on her poodle. Call the MSPCA!!! (And a hairdresser!)

I can’t even imagine what this is all about

Forgive the mullets shots here and

here LJ

Now a hairdresser/cosmetician on Dancinwid duh Stars (Cable-access, Pidgeon Forge, TN)

Maybe Uncle Louie should not have stopped off at Comalong Inn before the sitting

Looks like they took the photo 10 minutes after they threw the switch

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