Scott Brown’s Elizabeth Warren Meltdown

Senator Scott Brown R-Koch, of Massachusetts was overheard “discussing” the latest PPP Poll numbers that showed Consumer Advocate Elizabeth Warren’s overtaking of Brown in the next election. Here is how it was reported at

Sen. Scott Brown apparently didn’t only lose his lead in the polls for the Massachusetts Senate race Tuesday — he also lost his cool.
A tipster told Talking Points Memo that he was walking on the Senate side of the Capitol and caught a very interesting scene.
“Just walked passed Senator Brown’s office and in the hallway was the man himself, lamenting into his cell phone, ‘I don’t understand how she can be down 20 points one week and is now up two. What is going on?’,” the tipster wrote.
The tipster goes on to say that Brown then looked over his shoulder and saw the tipster and hurried back into his office.
A poll released Tuesday by Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling showed new Democrat challenger Elizabeth Warren holding a very narrow 46-44 lead over Brown.
Warren officially entered the race last week, on Sept. 14, after testing the waters with a listening tour around the state.
Brown, a Republican who won a special election for the seat vacated by the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), campaigned specifically against Warren even before she entered the race, painting her as an elitist who had no idea how to solve Massachusetts issues.
Brown spokesman Colin Reed underplayed Warren’s bump in polling numbers.
“We have always known that Scott would be the underdog against whichever candidate wins the Democratic primary next September,” Reed told Talking Points Memo. “But Scott has been an underdog his entire life, and has always come back to win against all odds. This campaign will be no different.”

Sounds like Elizabeth has made Scotty a little worried. Let’s home that he’s a lot more worried in the future. You can donate to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign here


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