Fun Foto Time!

I hope you enjoy this repost from 2010. 

As a public service Frenchy’s House Party brings you this interlude to cheer up your workday. To whit:

Ballerina Mercenaries
(I would think that mules are difficult to fight in…)

DIY Batman

Nothing says “Haute Cuisine” like a nice can of fish assholes!

Where does one start?

Very tired kitty

The locus in quo

Early warning sign…

Sound advice

Not the best choice of accessories for hitchhiking wear

Taking the family out for a stroll

Tech support

I’ll have two all the way and a plenary indulgence. Hold the mayo…

Granny rocks!

Anyone else?

Just remember this if you piss off your rich girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Attorney General of Alabama

I know I parked my horse around here somewhere.


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