Lifestyles of the Rich & Tasteless (Cont.)

Today we take you on a tour of the Beverly Park residence of one Adrienne Maloof. She is apparently on a TV show called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and got her dough the old fashioned way; Daddy gave it to her. In addition to this very nice home Daddy should have given her enough money to hire a decorator other than someone who designs porno theaters in Dubai. Take a look:

Actually a fine looking home. Considering it was built only 12 years ago it has some really nice features.
A nice pool and a lovely French “jardin” make it look quite nice. Now let’s peek inside.

The family dining room is a little peculiar. Not crazy about the “valence-style” window treatments and what is that in the corner? A spittoon?

There’s something to be said about the  huge silk floral arrangement under that gold(en) mirror. Yikes!

The formal dining room is so cold and impersonal. Except of course for the cheap paper lanterns over the fake Italianate dining table and the (also fake) Louis XIII chairs. Don’t even get me started on that awful mural. I do like the drapes although cords and tassels would be a better choice than just thumbtacking them to the wall.

Ahh… the foyer. Does this woman know nothing about scale? More fake furniture, fake statues, cheap repro paintings. Ugh!

This time, the family room. The leather backed sofas and gaudy side table are just a nightmare.

One of the bedrooms. Note how the headboard is tied to the repro chinese screen. And what the hell is the bed doing in the middle of the room?

The second floor loggia. I do like this.. alot!

I guess this is the dressing area off of the bedroom above. So beautifully appointed. More fake plants and underscaled cheap repro furniture.

Another photo of the bedroom above. Just awful!

Tacky still-wet paintings, fake ormalou furniture and cheap golden candles. Nice chandelier though.

It looks like the way to the ladies lounge at the Rialto theater in Peoria.

Such a large kitchen that is probably never used except to make cappuccino and flax seed enemas.

The piece de resistance! The parlor. Note the enormous carved rockng chair, the ugly fake Aubuisson carpet and the shockingly tasteless red silk armchairs.

Another view (if you can stand it) of the parlor. It really baffles me how someone could spend so much money on a place and not have a professional decorator give them some help with it.

The Master Bath. The Viennese “poofs” and the Madonna della Chiese painting are enough to note here.

This is either the Master Bedroom or the bedroom showroom at Murray’s Fabulous Fakes. What a fright!

Please note here the owner’s extensive collection of Judith Lieber bags and portraits of her dear family so proudly displayed.

I like the Library but if you’re going to have glam photos taken of your home, tell the maid not to leave her dust rags around.
 So once again I beg you rich folks out there. If you are going to buy a home and spend $26 million on it (that’s what this place is listed for), please, for God’s sake hire a professional decorator or one day you may have this big noisy queen dishing your place too.


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