Some honesty from Frenchy here

You all know how I feel about Republicans and Christianists and Conservatives in general. They are the lowest forms of life for (and forgive the florid rhetoric) creating an environment where some people feel it’s their “Christian” duty to deny even the basics of life, liberty and the pursuit of liberty to LGBT folks using the Bible as their manifesto. I sometimes get so frustrated with the sheer volume of stories that appear before me about the damage to our society they cause that I can’t decide whether to post them and try to let other people know how disgusting they are or not because of emotional exhaustion from constant exposure to their shameful antics. I have just read a great story about how, during the last elections Mitt Romney said that President Obama should get ‘full credit or blame’ for the shockingly high gas prices. The Republicans/Conservatives echoed this foolish rhetoric and screamed out ‘that’s right!’ Now that gas prices have reached their lowest (national average) in 3 years.. Crickets. 
Normally I would post that whole story (read it here if you’d like) but I don’t have the energy today. So for the next few days I’m steering clear of politics and sticking to fun and fabulous stuff. 
So forgive this post and I hope you enjoy the following ones until I get my strength back. 
-Francois du Cap Moreau-

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