Shopping for a nice Chocolate Babka?

I recently decided that I wanted to have a nice piece of chocolate babka and not wanting to go through the whole ‘patshken zikh mit’ of making one myself, I thought “why not order from Zabar’s?” Why not, I discovered?  Because they make a dry, dry, heavy babka that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, that’s why. What we got was just awful. 

I was listening to my friend Anne Levine’s radio show (The Anne Levine Show on WOMR) and she was talking about babka on her show ‘Where’s the Pickle?‘. She was talking about shopping online (she has a Black Belt in online shopping) and mentioned Zabar’s and babka. As I was driving while I was listening to her show (podcast) I only heard every other word and I thought I should tell her of my experience with Zabar’s babka, so I texted her immediately upon arriving at the office. She agreed that they were not the best babka (by any means) and that I should shop for my babka at Barney Greengrass instead. I haven’t ordered from them yet but I will and let you know. In the meantime here’s a nice photo of what I should expect to receive. 

Chocolate Babka
541 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY 

Maybe I should try the sturgeon too… Thanks for the tip Anne!


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