Yvonne Craig, TV’s Batgirl is dead at 78

Love the kitten heels!
In the late 60’s, watching Batman on the TV, I always identified more with Batgirl and Robin more than with Batman (Dr Freud on line 1). I think it was the purple outfit with the kitten heels that got me. The one thing about her character as portrayed on the show was that her character was too “frilly” and not at all the cool sophisticated woman that was the Mary Tyler Moore archetype which would have suited the character better. I mean really… lace on her motorcycle and that ridiculous bowa?!? I didn’t care for that, one bit. 

“In the end, her mind still wanted to fight but her body had given up,” her family said in a statement. A trained dancer, she began her career at The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and used those skills to perform her own stunts alongside Adam West’s Batman. Craig also played Martha, the green Orion Slave Girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk, in the third season of Star Trek. And she starred in two movies opposite Elvis Presley – It Happened at the World’s Fair and Kissin’ Cousins. But it was her performance as librarian Barbara Gordon, who secretly moonlights as Batgirl, that defined her career. She joined the TV show in its third and final series in 1967, thwacking and kapow-ing Gotham’s bad guys alongside Batman and Robin. The show is still seen around the world today, something which came as a surprise to the actress in her later years.

Get rid of the lace and that awful bow on the tail!

The Perils of Being Fabulous

One of the perils of being quite fabulous is that you are invited to every fabulous event that comes along. We at the House Party are having one of those weekends now. 
Yesterday afternoon was the 1st birthday party of little Cayden, the son of our dear friends Ali and Mike the Dick. I will be posting photos and discreet commentary from that event when I can get the green icing off of my camera’s memory card and get it into my Mac. 

Next up was the 40th birthday party of my brother-in-law Bob that was held at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant/arcade in Attleboro. That was seriously crazy! I will say that I did have a good time visiting with my in-laws and Bob took the surprise in stride. Photos and a “post-mortem” on that one shortly too. 

Today it is a “Ham Toss” (don’t ask Mary because I have no idea) at the magnificent Summer Palace of Anne Levine (of the New York, East Dennis, and for 16 weeks every winter Sarasota, Levines). I really can’t wait for this one. It’ll be the Contessa di Pomodori and me at this event. It is at 12:30 and it is 9:30 now. I’d better start getting ready!

So let me go and I’ll fill you in later.