Ted Cruz calls Mitch McConnell a liar?


Holy Hypocrite! Accused pastor’s lawyer says underage girl probably lying about rape: ‘She consented 6 times after that’

Another day, another Christianist pedophile preying on your children

Accused pastor’s lawyer says underage girl probably lying about rape: ‘She consented 6 times after that’

Rick Santorum is IN!

Go ahead… Google “Santorum”. 
Another nutcase member of the Christianist American Taliban is throwing his hood into the ring with the other clowns in the show. I have more of a chance of becoming President than this crackpot, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Lindsay Graham, Carly Fiorina, et al. 
Seriously, watching the 2012 group go through the debate process has been some of the most absurd TV ever. I, for one, can’t wait for the 2016 round! 

Holy Hypocrisy, Part III (and the last of this series today)

Josh Duggar, scion of reality TV star and serial father, Jim Bob Duggar, advocated for the death penalty for incest, at the same time his son was feeling up his sisters (all in the name of Christianity, I’m sure). I’m sure there’s even more to this story than we’ve been told. 

Holy Hypocrites, Part II

Boy, the news is simply teeming with hypocrisy today. From Joe.My.God.com

BROOKLYN: Local Tea Party Founder Busted For Possession Of Child Porn

An ultra-conservative one-time Brooklyn city council candidate — whose campaign slogan was “Our children are our future” — has been nabbed for possessing and sharing kiddie porn, prosecutors said Friday.

Alleged pervert scumbag

Joseph Hayon, 37, was arrested Thursday and admitted to police that he traded the sick pics of kids between the ages of 2 and 12 in December 2014 using his email account ArtModel@juno.com, according to a criminal complaint. At his arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court, prosecutors said a tip led police to search Hayon’s Midwood home, where the stash of child porn was found. Cops confiscated Hayon’s two laptops, five desktops, video camera, Samsung cellphone and one DVD, prosecutors said. He was also slapped with an order of protection Friday barring him from coming in contact with his four children, ages 9, 7, 4 and 15 months. He was released on $50,000 bail.

Hayon is the founder of the Brooklyn Tea Party. He ran for the NYC Council in 2009 and 2013, losing both times. A recap of his 2009 campaign platform reveals that he intended to sponsor legislation ordering NYC to disobey then-Gov. David Patterson’s directive for state agencies to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages. (How would that have worked, exactly?) Hayon also vowed to “make all public library staff criminally responsible for making any form of electronic obscenity available to minors.” Ahem. And then there’s the usual Tea Party anti-trans, anti-gay bloviating about indoctrinating children, plus something about requiring that kosher grape juice be made available to people on food stamps. (Tipped by JMG reader Mark)